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Calidor Bio-ethanol Heater

From making Olympic torches to making heaters

Calidor was born after the experience of manufacturing 14,680 Olympic torches for the Rio 2016 Games. Inspired by the mechanism in the Olympic torch, we created a clean bioethanol heater.


To offer an ecological solution to restaurants and hotels, solving the problem of the highly contaminating emissions produced by butane and propane gas heaters, providing an adequate comfort temperature for the end customer.


Environmental commitment. Contribute to making a cleaner world. By using bioethanol as a fuel, we reduce the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere produced by petroleum. A sustainable, renewable, clean energy made from 100% recyclable materials.


Eco Friendly Bio Ethanol

Experience a sustainable heating solution for the hospitality Industry with Calidor. Leveraging the ground-breaking technology utilised in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games torches, Calidor specialises in manufacturing environmentally friendly heaters suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our heaters operate on bioethanol fuel, a clean and odorless alternative to polluting fossil fuels like butane and propane, which are slated to be banned from public spaces in Europe by 2025. By opting for Calidor, you can enjoy a warm, natural flame that not only provides comfort but also helps preserve our planet.

Calidor heaters offer a harmonious blend of warmth and design, ensuring a delightful ambiance. They are designed to be portable, allowing for easy movement. Refilling and maintenance are a breeze, making them highly practical. Moreover, our heaters are incredibly cost-effective, helping you save money on heating expenses. We also offer a table version, adding versatility to your heating options.

Embrace the future of sustainable heating with Calidor and join us in reducing our carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of a cozy and inviting environment. Contact us today to explore how Calidor heaters can enhance your space and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

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